Sea kayaking

Sea kayaking is justifiably an increasingly popular sport. It is a sport that requires skill, balance and endurance rather than sheer strength. There is no major physical advantage in sea kayaking, making it a terrific sport for anyone to enjoy. This explains why our club has many women members, some of whom are significantly better paddlers than the largest of our male members.

Sea kayaking differs from other types of kayaks such as sit on top and fishing kayaks in that sea kayaks are primarily designed to cover long distances efficiently and to carry a load. A sea kayak is a very versatile device. Whilst most sea kayaks are designed to handle rough "open water" conditions they are very versatile and can go just about anywhere on water. Many of our trips and social paddles are in lakes and rivers.

If you love nature then sea kayaking is the activity for you…….paddling along in the company of a pod of porpoises, just metres away from inquisitive seals, observing some amazing sea birds and even the occasional whale. All the time under the safe guidance of our experienced trip leaders.
Sea kayaking is an excellent form of exercise. The disciplines it develops are strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. A great cardiovascular workout, which can aid in strengthening the heart and increasing blood flow, it also can help keep the body toned and fit while enjoying nature and the great outdoors. Whether a person is just a few years old or upwards of 60, they can enjoy sea kayaking, it reaches across generational lines.

Discover the unique experience of journeying amongst remote islands, cruising beneath magnificent sea cliffs, exploring up rivers and lakes. View beautiful coastlines and stunning rivers from a totally different perspective. Land on a deserted island with golden sandy beaches and set up camp with some fellow members for an evening of tall tales around the campfire. Awake to the sounds of lapping waves and sea birds squawking.

For those who seek a bit more action our instructors can coach you in the art of rock gardening, teach you how to surf or you could even join an expedition across Bass Strait.
When it comes down to it, the essential reason why people kayak is that paddling a sea kayak with a like-minded group of friends is just great fun!

We think that in the end this is really the only reason to go kayaking.


About us

The Victorian Sea Kayak Club (VSKC) was formed in 1979, aimed at bringing together local sea kayakers and to create opportunities to meet, organise trips, and to promote sea kayaking as a sustainable sport.
Club members have done some marvellous and sometimes very challenging trips by sea kayak around the nearby coasts of Victoria and Tasmania, along rivers and in lakes……….and even further afield such as Greenland and Antarctica.
Our founding members made the first sea kayak circumnavigation of Tasmania and the first south to north crossing of Bass Strait. Members regularly paddle across Bass Strait and take their kayaks to remote and interesting areas. Equally, we all love relaxing short trips or overnight camping in our local bays, rivers and lakes………with plenty of time to socialise.
We welcome new members and encourage a culture in which members help each other with skills, gear, safety, trip information and organisation.

The Club runs training courses conducted by highly experienced and accredited instructors. We have a grading system for paddlers so that we can tailor trips to suit all levels of proficiency. Our training is not aimed at absolute novices however, new members are expected know something of sea kayaking, have access to a kayak, can swim and are ready to explore the marvellous adventures and opportunities that sea kayaking offers.
If you are a complete novice then there are numerous good sea kayak courses around Victoria that can take you through a quick course that will allow you to then join and enjoy the many benefits that membership offers.

The Club runs a large range of paddles throughout the year ranging from casual afternoon paddles along a quiet river or lake to multi day expeditions in beautiful and remote locations. Our paddles cater for all levels of ability, helping members to improve their proficiency and progressively take part in more adventurous trips should they choose.

We keep in touch through this website, email news, Facebook, Instagram and our Club e-magazine “Sea Trek”.

We conduct numerous training sessions during the year for all skill levels and often arrange presentations from interesting speakers.

For more information on how to become a member go to our membership page, or contact our Membership Officer on membership@victorianseakayak.club