Do I need a sea kayak in order to join?  No you don't need a sea kayak to join the club but you will need one to attend its official paddling trips.

How much experience do I need?  Some kayaking experience is required. We advise to take a professional beginners training course to get some basics and understand the risks involved in sea kayaking. Feel free to contact membership@victorianseakayak.club

How fit do I need to be?   If you can paddle you can start.  All paddles are conducted at the speed of the slowest paddler.

How much is membership?   See the membership page for full details.

What insurance policy comes with membership?  See our insurance policy document here.

What kind of a kayak do I need to go on VSKC trips?   A sea kayak which generally means a kayak over 4.5 meters in length.   Sea kayaks are longer kayaks and have a cruising speed of about 7 kph.   There are hundreds of different models all designed for different conditions and sized paddlers.   Choosing the right kayak to buy is always tricky. We advise is to join the club and tap into the collective knowledge of the more experienced members.