L3 Currency Statement


1.) As part of maintaining your VSKC trip leader level three grading status you are required to annually assess yourself as currently proficient. This is done by accruing a minimum of 10 points from a variety trip and training events (see definitions below).

2.) The second part of maintaining your currency is a current CPR certificate. When returning this form a scanned copy of you CPR certificate must be attached.


Day Trip
A trip that takes place over a day and involves a minimum distance of 15km> Does not include short duration paddles such as Red Eye’s, evening paddles (Crib Point, Mornington, Sandringham)

Blue water
Open ocean conditions, does not include estuaries, lakes, rivers, Port Phillip or Westernport Bay’s

Over Night Trip
Any trip that involves paddling a ‘loaded kayak’ & camping from the kayak

Involves kayak exploration of a significant area over multi days, such as Bass Strait crossing, long coastal stretches, Kangaroo Island, Whitsundays, ect. Usually more
than 3 days duration

Training Event
An advertised VSKC organised training paddle or event.

Private Trip
A paddle that is not advertised as a club trip and not advertised on the VSKC website.

A record of your participation in a paddle in the VSKC log book or other means

I assess myself as currently proficient in my grading status as VSKC Level 3 and certify I have maintained my grading by completing the following:

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