Fee policy


Existing member fees:

Adult:  $100.00

Student:  $50 with proof of full time enrolment.

Family: $120.00

Additional Family Member: $20.00/pp

Additional Family Member Under 18 Years Old: $15.00/pp

Membership Fees are payable in advance at the start of the financial year – 1st October each year.

Membership Fees are determined at the VSKC AGM each year, together with the date of payment for that year.

Where a change in the amount of annual subscription is proposed for the following financial year and the due date for payment is on or before the annual general meeting, members may only pay the subscription amount applicable until the revised rate for the following year is decided.

Annual subscriptions paid after the revised rate is adopted will be payable at the revised rate.

New member fees:

Any new member who joins after the start of a financial year must, for that financial year, pay a fee equal to:

• If joining between 1st October to 31st March – full year fee.

• If joining between 1st April and 30th June – half year fee.

• If joining between 1st July and 30th September – membership is free.


Memberships are non refundable and once paid, remain current for the entire VSKC financial year (1st October – 30th September)


All prices displayed on this website are in Australian Dollars.


On acceptance of a valid payment for membership, memberships are current for the VSKC financial year, 1st October – 30th September.