Assessment System

Club Assessment System

VSKC Assessment System
New members are able to display (and learn) the basic skills required at introductory paddles chiefly, Club Monthly Paddles and Training paddles and events. As well as helping you develop skills, this helps you understand what level of skills you currently have and can help trip leaders become familiar with you as a paddler for future trip inclusion.

Upon joining the VSKC you should begin a Log Book, members are expected to log their paddle experience so trip leaders can verify your experience as necessary.

Your Paddler Grading System Book, issued when you join, is essential for recording competencies attained. In this way you can progress through to Grade 2 and join in most paddles. VSKC Instructors can sign off competencies at the end of most paddles, be sure to have your book handy and ask.

To attain Grade 3 status you need to have attained your grade two certificate and have significant experience in a range of sea conditions and areas. Details of the grade 3 competencies are contained within the Paddler Grading System Book. A grade 3 course is usually conducted on a biannual basis. The grade 3 course runs for approximately 9 months. Members wishing to be included in the program need to apply to the club ‘Skills and Training Coordinator’. Grade 3 paddlers are also required to complete a statement of currency with their membership renewal each year.

The VSKC Instructor award is for senior club members with extensive experience at grade 3 level & club etiquette and is run as demand dictates. Access to this award is by invitation only