Equipment Requirements

Equipment requirements

The following are the minimum equipment standards for participation on a VSKC paddle. If paddlers do not meet these requirements the Trip Leader is within their rights to refuse participation in the trip.

All Levels.

Members must have a recognised Sea Kayak set up properly to VSKC standards:-

- Minimum volume cockpit,

- Watertight bulkheads and hatch covers, including positive buoyancy.

- Deck lines 6mm minimum and toggles or loops at both ends.

- Spray skirt that fits cockpit and paddler with release strap.

- Paddle & paddle leash.

- Rudder or skeg, if fitted to be fully retractable and in proper working order.

- Present with the appropriate clothing including thermals, wet suit bootees, cag, hat, sunglasses to suit the seasonal conditions

- Cotton clothing is not permitted on any club paddle

- Have approved and suitable PFD (type 1 or 2), with whistle.

- Have accessable at sea drinks and snacks as appropriate

Level 2 requirements also include-

- Towing points and 15m tow rope with float and quick release fittings.

- Hands free pump, either electric or foot operation, also sponge and or bailer.

- Communication equipment in water proof case (eg Mobile phone)

- Spare paddle (recommended).

Level 3 also includes-

- Proper fit out, including foot, thigh and hip bracing.

- Mobile phone or marine radio in dry bag, charts, rescue authority/emergency phone numbers as appropriate.

- Spare paddle

- First Aid kit (full kit when acting as trip leader)

- Repair kit

The VSKC recommends the use of a paddle helmet in surf and rock environments