Training System

Club Training System

The VSKC Training & Competency System

We have a system of grading and rely on a process of self-assessment and discussion between paddle leaders and participants for Club trips for grades above entry level (Grade 0).

All club members are required to self-assess their proficiency and consider their skills, experience & capability having regard to the conditions & grade of the paddle in which they propose to participate.

Members are issued with a VSKC Paddler Grading System Book in which the competencies needed to progress from Level 0 (beginner) to levels 1 & 2 are shown. The VSKC has developed its own internal training scheme to provide the skills necessary for people to enjoy sea kayaking safely, at a level to suit their abilities and expectations. This provides a graduated training program, enabling and encouraging people to develop their skills. Members should present their Paddler Grading book to a VSKC Instructor at the end of any club paddle if they believe they have demonstrated competenct in any area in order to be signed. Once the required competencies are signed off the member should contact the Training coordinator to have their status changed on the club data base.

The club also runs 'Training Trips' where you can be shown and practice skills such as rescues, stroke technique, navigation and the like. These trips are posted in the same way as other club trips and are an excellent way of extending your knowlegde and skills.

In this way members benifit from the shared knowledge of other club members in developing the skills necessary to participate safely in sea kayaking.

The training scheme is available to all Club members but does not cater for complete novice paddlers. Four competency levels mirror the Club trip grading system and enable members to match their skills to club trips.